Having Nothing Lacking Nothing

When obedience brings you to the desert,

         what will you find?

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*Study trips to Israel with husband John are planned for October 2018 and March 2019.

*Melanie was honored to recently teach three women’s retreats, a private group of Celebrate Your Story! and 2 of the past 4 Camp Barakel’s Mother/Daughter weekends.

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There are a few places in Scripture where the words

“driven into the desert” are found. Exodus 14 records that God           Return to Text Dwellers main menu

parted the sea and Israel celebrated.

They lowered their eyes, took one look at the barren desert road

ahead, and paused.

The original language in Exodus 15 reads that immediately after this

Moses drove the people into the desert.

The way is too hard--is this really what God has in mind for us?

Having Nothing, Lacking Nothing, is about being driven into the desert. In the desert the author, like the people of Israel, questioned God’s lead because of the hardships she saw before her.

The Lord knows we cannot take up a fuller, more vibrant life without first letting go of what we cling to. He also knows that it is not in our nature to willingly walk the hardest of roads, even if those ways ultimately lead to life.

Time in the desert has the potential to uproot anything that keeps us from drawing near to God. When we are finally empty-handed of all other things we thought could satisfy, we are free to embrace what He has for us.

This book chronicles real struggles, real pain, and honest questions when faced with personal tragedy.

Having Nothing Lacking Nothing gives voice to the soul’s searching questions that surface in our struggles...

Where are you, God?

How could you let this happen?

Why have you brought me here?

This is your best?

If you have ever experienced loneliness, unwarranted hardships, or overwhelming loss and grief, you will recognize the questions.

But you might be surprised by the answers.

In the desert, our deepest needs will surface.

Face to face with all we lack, the Lord’s hand is extended to us, inviting us to meet with Him.

I pray that you, too, will find that having nothing, you are lacking nothing.