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There is a rhythmic lifestyle outlined in the Bible of good work and pause. In the pause, we rest, catch our breath and reflect on God's goodness. Out of this holy pause, we are able to do the good work set before us by the Maker of heaven and earth.

We found this rhythm to be at first curious, then compelling and, increasingly it has become a delight. We have found the opportunities to be still together and reflect to be timely and much-needed shelters in our days and years.

I am a wife, mom, and teacher.

I deeply desire to live the most joyful, grateful life possible and we have been blessed with a community of family and friends who encourage us, stretch us and equip us. We celebrate the LORD together.

Our goal is to reflect on the ways this divine rhythm was taught and kept, and to imagine the ways it can make our lives sing with joy, gratitude, and peace. We are hoping you join us because by God’s design, doing something in community heaps blessing upon blessing.

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Drawn into the rhythm

Melanie DeKruyter

Melanie is watching spring wake the world with her husband John, three daughters, fourteen chickens and fiesty dog Timber in southwest lower Michigan.

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