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When we look at the life of Jesus, we see that He lived rhythmically between work and rest. We read of his labors in the Gospels and we see that he celebrated on occasion with loved ones. We also see that he knew how to pause and rest.

My family enjoys rhythm. My children and my students appreciate the familiarity of routine. We lived for a time in a place that is defined by the rhythms of its traditions. Holidays. Seasons. Celebrations of God's provision.

Once a week, we rest.

Seasonally, we gather together under tents, around a table, and we eat, drink, sing, read, pray, and recognize the Giver of all that is good.

Yet we are still new to the tune of this rhythm. Like all the best things in life, this is meant to be a shared experience. We want to invite others to pause, rest, gather, and thank as catch our breath collectively.

You are invited to an online conversation, community, and opportunity. Please spend a few minutes here and explore some thoughts and background about the holy days the Lord invited us into.

We hope you will try some hands-on ideas, the simple or the more involved activities, that can add fun and purpose to the seasonal days of pausing, resting, gathering, and catching our breath.

The highest goal of this on-line conversation is that you would consider yourself part of the discussion. We hope you learn alongside us, give some of the activities a try, and share with us your thoughts and experiences.

Where do I start? Click here for an explanation of “Hands-On.”

Then spend some time on our blog. You will find articles that give background and specific ideas for celebrating the Biblical holidays.

If you prefer a video format, spend some time at the Video Blog, an attempt to provide more background and ideas for the holy days. Just click here to see the latest video blog.

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Current Season

Nisan is here, Passover is coming, a Good Friday becomes the Great Deliverance, and Resurrection is right around the corner!

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