Hands-On Holy Days

Our culture’s calendar is dotted with silly as well as solemn holidays and traditions.

As we raise our children, we become acutely aware of their meanings, or lack thereof.

Our time living and studying in Jerusalem brought a most surprising and stirring invitation from the Lord: Come get to know Me in my appointed times.

And so we have. We have explored countless resources and engaged in a very old and endlessly fascinating conversation: what is Sabbath and what are the Biblical festivals? What do they hold for us today?

The journey has been even more surprising than the initial invitation. Now back home in Michigan, the insight of trusted scholars and the company of gracious friends inform our journey and make it a delight. Digging deeper together into the appointed times in the Word of God have taken us to beautiful places we had never known but that are as old as time.

Our honest quest for clarity in the pondering of when, how, and why, has taken us by the hand like a Father his child to stir our minds and hearts to seek the sacred rhythms established at the foundation of the world.

Take a moment to get the big picture and catch our breath.

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Family celebrations to remember the Lord our God

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Join the Sabbath conversation.

Deuteronomy 6:20

“Someday your child will ask you, ‘What is the meaning of the instructions, laws and rulings which Adonai our God has laid down for you?’”

What have we built into our lives so our children and neighbors will ask about the purpose of such things?

And when your child or neighbor asks you, what will you say?